The Hunt

The Hunt is a game designed for the playful and tasteful home. Show more



My role
  • Concept development
  • Physical and digital prototyping
  • Playtesting, Playtesting, Playtesting
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Ana Barbosa, Andrea Serra, Carlos Rodriguez

For the outsider, The Hunt is a light board; a piece of decoration in a tasteful home. Its six carefully crafted boxes are sources of light that shine when attached to the board. But what’s hiding in plain sight is a whole new world - the intrinsic light and shadow patterns hide an exciting game of strategy, hunt and kill.

The Hunt is inspired by board games such as Quoridor, Chess and Ludo. It is a two-player game, where each player has three tokens – two hunters and one beast – and the goal is for a hunter to catch the opponent’s beast. At each turn, a player moves one token – up, down, left or right – but the catch is: if moving a hunter, their beast will also have to move but in the opposite direction. The main strategy of the game is then to find out how to catch the opponent’s beast without sacrificing your own.

The Hunt as a light source and decoration. The multiple combinations allows for multiple light & shadow patterns.

A two-player game: the tokens are moved by easily attaching and detaching the boxes from the board.

Looking at things in unconventional and whimsical ways can replace—or at least enhance—the boredom of routine. Instead of following synchronous and temporary game forms (like Darts), the game becomes part of the environment and demands to be approached, to be used; it becomes also more sophisticated than practical or adorable decoration types.