Tür an Tür

Tür an Tür is a storytelling platform about eight unique biographies. Show more



My role
  • Concept development
  • UX/UI development
  • Prototyping & user testing
  • Front & back end development of the platform
Featured in
  • Auf Augenhöhe Bremen
  • Hochschultage HfK Bremen
  • Press #1 #2
In collaboration with

Imke Meyer, EuropaPunkt Bremen

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How does integration really work in the various areas of life? Around 97,000 foreigners are currently living in Bremen, Germany. Each number stands for a person who has come from somewhere else around the world, arriving with their own different reasons to Bremen. Every day they face the challenges that await them on the way to a new life. We collected eight biographies in interactive video, audio and picture format and published their stories on a storytelling platform.

The user is welcomed with statistics about every district and a large background video tour through Bremen.

The project Tür an Tür contains eight stories in interactive video, audio and picture format.

The platform uses different media elements. Each story is designed along the content, each is unique.

The UX/UI stays in the background as much as needed. The platform is made with touch devices in mind and fully responsive.

The content can be experienced linear, but the user is free to find their own way through each story.

The project was exhibited on various occasions in 2016 and 2017. Here you can see the project on a touch table in Bremen.