VOIVOI is a service to capture events in real-time. Show more



My role
  • Concept development
  • UX/UI development
  • Prototyping & user testing
  • Front and back end development of website and app.
Featured in
  • Hochschultage HfK Bremen

This project was done whilst my time at eventfive.

Event organizers are always looking for ways to capture the success of their events. But many tools only offer the possibility to analyse the event before or after it happened. VOIVOI closes the gap and creates an engaging way for the audience to capture and share the event in real-time. It is a service which follows the principles of a survey in a visual and playful way.

The audience can collect their impressions by sharing pictures and comments.

An integrated calendar lets the user find out about current or upcoming events. The user answers for a question and shares the impression.

Within the app and the website it is possible to search, filter, and to find out what is gaining the most attention from the audience.

The key concept and user flow.